Branch Volunteer Leadership and Opportunities

The USGBC South Florida Chapter is a volunteer-governed and a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization.   Our volunteer family is our lifeblood.  Our volunteers' contributions are priceless. They are smart and passionate, fun and tireless, giving and successful.  And they know that their actions have the potential to make a huge difference in our South Florida community -- now and in the future -- by helping educate, enlighten and empower our region to adopt an approach to building that is both ecologically and economically sustainable. 

And they have a heckuva lot of fun while making industry connections and new friends while educating members and friends!

If you are interested in volunteering at the Broward Branch, contact Jesse Miller.  

Broward Branch Past Chairs

Anyone who has served in the chief executive officer role of a business or volunteer organization appreciates the commitment of time that is put in to figuratively steer the ship safely into port. To that end, it's with thanks that we note the outstanding contributions of the past Chairs of the Broward Branch: 

Olga Alvarez -- 2007-2008
Hector Samario -- 2008-2009
Jill Cohen -- 2009-2010
Sandra Lee -- 2010-2011
Tony Alfonso -- 2011-2013
Tammy Cook-Weedon -- 2013-2015

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Upcoming Chapter Events

14 Oct 2015 7:30 AM • 4168 Southpoint Parkway, Jacksonville, FL 32216
15 Oct 2015 6:00 PM • 2081 SE Ocean Boulevard, Suite 1A, Stuart, FL 34996
15 Oct 2015 6:00 PM • 1951 NW 7th Avenue, 1st Floor Conference Room, Miami, Florida 33136
19 Oct 2015 4:30 PM • Bender & Associates Architects PA, 410 Angela St., Key West, FL

Sponsor Our Branch Programs

There are many outstanding marketing benefits that accrue to sponsors of our Broward Branch's educational programs. To learn more about sponsor benefits click here

To discuss a specific Broward Branch program, contact Tammy Cook-Weedon or Jesse Miller

History of the Broward Branch

The first official meeting of a Broward group tied to the new USGBC South Florida Chapter took place in July 2006.  The meeting also served as the unofficial embracing of "branching" out further north (from the Chapter's Miami-centric beginnings) through coordinated events and programs.  

The Broward Branch was officially created by the Chapter's Board of Directors in 2007.  Since its early beginnings, the Branch has always fielded some of the Chapter's strongest programs and most passionate and involved volunteers.  

    We Love Our Volunteers!